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The Deficit, Budget Dilemma

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Are we ready to give in to all the negative projection, and suppositions being presented by the media?  I tire of reading the news today because of all the sensational negative scenarios that are only projected scenarios if this or that happens. They are only based on supposition if an event that has not happened yet takes place. There is little coverage of what can be done today or what is happening today to establish a more solid financial base for our federal government. I still have faith in the patriotism and strength of the majority of the population. The only thing I have doubt about is whether that patriotism and majority block of opinion can be mobilized to a degree to make that difference in Washington.

Yes, things have already gone off track to a degree that getting them back on track will be a bumpy ride but I have faith that, with proper incentive, the American people can prevail in saving the country we cherish. We have not moved away from the cause of the problem with the legislation being passed in congress today. Although it is a good move to be curbing the spending in Congress and to be not increasing taxes to justify more debt, we, as a country, are still spending more than we are taking into the national coffers.  I suggest that people stay in touch with their respective politicians and let them know that they expect them to follow up on the bill being passed. We must decrease spending in Washington in order to get a grip on the budget and decrease the growing debt.

your senator:​ral/contact_information/se​nators_cfm.cfm

your Representative:​/writerep/welcome.shtml

Most people will think that, if the current “disaster” (exemplified by the sensationalist media) is averted, the country is safe from financial collapse. This is not true. The disaster was averted.  Now let’s get the country off of the financial cliff we have been teetering on so that we do not stray too close to the edge again.

What precipitated the events of the last few weeks was the notice from the leaders of S&P along with the World Bank that unless The United States could come up with a more responsible budget that demonstrates to the world that we stand on solid ground with our debt/expenditure ratio, our exemplary credit rating would be diminished and influence the whole world’s economy.

It was by an adamant effort that political conservatives were able to influence a responsible raising of the debt ceiling (our legal borrowing allowance) without raising taxes on the American people to justify the extended credit.  This effort will be only a token if we as Americans do not show our support for this behavior by letting our respective politicians know that, you are glad that some spending has been curbed but it is not enough and you are concerned that the budget is still not where it should be. Without follow-up on the legislation this will only be a token advancement to a larger goal.  We must trim the budget in order to get out of the current rising debt crisis.

your senator:​ral/contact_information/se​nators_cfm.cfm

your Representative:​/writerep/welcome.shtml


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